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04/02/2008 | by Susan Powter
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One short month
So let’s do a double FAQ
Spring is finally here
And here
We have the answers
To help you look and feel well
Fat grams, sexy sweating, those sweets I crave
And more…

Susan Powter

02/11/2008 | by Susan Powter
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Trish asks:
Susan, I have one minor problem. I am making a huge effort do make this change in real natural foods, HOWEVER it is the organic I have gotten stuck. Went to my local whole foods and outpost, ended up paying TRIPLE what I usually pay. What to do?

Real food
Abundant, Nature is


Thanks to the brilliance
Of the food boys…
Than the
Total crap
They want millions to eat…

A plan
That should
Have every

And, aware
Of the plan…

There are tons
Grow your own
Community urban gardens
Start your own…

It’s real
It’s wrong
It’s deadly
Now there’s one
More person
Who knows it…

Susan Powter

02/11/2008 | by Susan Powter
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Nita asks:
Hi Susan! I’ve been eating well and moving for 2 weeks now, and I feel absolutely fabulous. But the scale hasn’t moved an inch. Will it move or do I need to incorporate something else into what I’m doing? Please help!

The only thing
You are doing wrong
Is the scale…

Did you hear
What you said

I feel fabulous!

Two weeks?

Believe me
When I tell you
Your worst enemy is
The scale and,
There is no way
You are not
Going to burn fat
Increase strength and energy
Dramatically change your body

Losing weight
Is a given

Off the scale
Three months
See how you look
Feel how you feel
If you like it
Keep doing it..
And, you will..

Off the scale

Susan Powter

02/11/2008 | by Susan Powter
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Julia asks:
I am so glad that you are back and you look amazing, happy belated birthday!!
My question is how to really make the commitment to self, and to stick to discipline.  I keep telling myself that discipline is my friend, any thoughts? 

Yes, I do
A thought…

Burning fat
Has very little
To do with discipline…

I didn’t get
More disciplined
When I lost
Over l30 pounds

I simply started
Doing three things
That I wasn’t doing before…

Doing wellness
More than
I was doing
What I use to do…
Which was
No movement
The kind of food
That gets you
To 260…

Habitual…very different
Repetition…the Mother of
The actions…
Weight loss
A given
When you change
The lifestyle…

Susan Powter

02/11/2008 | by Susan Powter
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Tracy asks:
Why is it that my desire to be thin again, healthy, stay on track is ALWAYS over-powered by my desire to eat fast food, chips, chocolate? I really, really want my thin healthy body back and I just cannot find it in myself to do what I know I need to.

Never works…

Want, always does

Want good food
In your body
Want to feel alive
And well
Want to be lean
Strong and healthy

Desire to…

Fast foods
Desire to

Be you?

There’s no comparison
When you…
Think about it

Remind, yourself…

It’s an exercise…

Susan Powter

02/11/2008 | by Susan Powter
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Here’s to staying
In the dead of winter
Eating, breathing, moving, thinking…
Every day
Some of my favorite Questions from January
Whole foods within your budget, getting off the scale, cold remedies and my must haves…
A must…

Susan Powter

02/11/2008 | by Susan Powter
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Maureen asks:
HELP!!!!! Plagued by a monstrous head cold, even my hair hurts…should I refrain from exercise until I’m well?
Also, what to eat while so under the weather and not able to prep and cook my whole meals?

Neti pot…
A hot water bottle
Nothing like it…

Whole meals
Only means
Real food
Warm baked
Organic apples…
A few minutes
What I had

Last time
Under covers…

Susan Powter