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11/29/2007 | by Susan Powter
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I would love to see/hear some suggestions for kid’s school lunches.  Something pretty quick and easy but more inventive than the sandwich/piece of fruit.

Love the site!

11/28/2007 | by Susan Powter
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Apparently we have the power for full on DV blogs so, consider the blogs much more clear from now on...

And yes, we will be eating, breathing, moving and thinking together from now on, forever!

Before the launch
And thrilled

Susan Powter
11/28/2007 | by Susan Powter
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glad your back and hope you can help me get some of this darn weight off................from an english fan live in in the USA grin

Thrilled to be back and
Just this way

"Direct" from me to you
To every human body who wants to increase the quality of well,
Everything but
For now...

Let's start with lean, strong, healthy and well every day....
Right here...

Ya gotta love this medium
From England to America
From America to England

With love

Susan Powter
11/28/2007 | by Susan Powter
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HI Susan, I am looking forward to your sight to be completed. I am a true believer in your program. I read stop the insanity when it first came out. Well I need to rethink and restart again. I am so ready to stop the insanity. I am starting by reading my Stop the insanity book again. I will e-mail your site to all I know. thank you for being you.

When I tell you this is one of the most exciting moments of my life, I'm not joking....
Until the Q&A's are up, and they will be end of week...
I'm answering right here on the main page because
I can!!

Pam Light
Because it's the truth
Always has been
Always will be
And if it's loving the way you look and feel you want
This is the place to get it

Every day
l0 times a day...

So thrilled...

Susan Powter
11/28/2007 | by Susan Powter
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I'll second that! Thank God you're back! You were so missed. I can't wait to get caught up on all your videos. And how about that live yoga? Fingers crossed... Congrats on the new site, it's fabulous!

Oh you found me and we are not even "officially" up, how brilliant are you? Love it and wait till you see the next couple of days! Tell the world....

Susan Powter
10/26/2007 | by Susan Powter
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Dear Susan,

Hi, I am amazed at how great your skin looks. My question for you is, what is your daily skin care routine? What skin care products do you use and what make up do you use? Thanks.

It’s so funny you should say that because I was just saying yesterday My skin looked old and tired…  Because I use nothing… Not only do I use no skin care routine I barley wash my make-up off most nights…  Especially these last few weeks of getting the site up…  My skin care is Exercise…  Head stands… Which, we’ll be doing together sooooon Susan Powter