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Summer Camp with Paris and Nicole - The Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Jun 03, 2007
In season five of The Simple Life, Paris and Nicole call upon motivational speaker and fitness guru Susan Powter to help them lead a fat camp

By Kara A. Medalis, Stamford Advocate

They're baaack. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie kiss and make up for season five of The Simple Life. For five weeks, the celebutantes will be camp counselors at Camp Shawnee. During the first week, they're joined by motivational speaker and fitness guru Susan Powter, and are instructed to lead a fat camp. The poor campers undergo colonics given by giggly Paris and Nicole! I certainly hope these "campers" are well-paid actors for going through this. The show ends with Paris and Nicole dragging a locked refrigerator full of goodies behind a truck in a ridiculous attempt to open it. Even this is a bit much for me. I'm not impressed by the season premiere, but I love Paris and Nicole, so I'm giving them another shot.