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Updated on 6/8/08

On 07/31 Elizabeth asks:

,my father works 80 hours a week and has been trying to lose weight for some time.he doesn’t have the time or enough energy he needs to see results.i want to help him so he’ll get what he’s long deserved and feel the energy he needs.any advice?

How does
Your father
Feel about
Energy, strength
His health?

Susan Powter

On 07/31 Susan asks:

Concierge!  What’s up?  When is Susan coming back?

As soon
As the concierge
Is gone...

Susan Powter

On 07/31 Doreen asks:

kiss I love you and all that you do for so many women, including myself.  I have lost 18 pounds since I started following your advice.  Thank you!!
Doreen Maloof
Lowell, MA

You are
More than
Keep doing
What works
And wellness
The weight
Will fall
Off, strength
Will build
And you'll
Look and
Feel better
Than you
Every have
Do what
Works and
Get rid of
All the shit
That doesn't...

Simple and true...

Susan Powter

On 07/31 Keith asks:

grin SUSAN, SUSAN, SUSAN! WELCOME BACK!I’ve missed you so much-I was a HUGE fan way back when-we’re the same age and we both look FABOO! I’m proud that you’re telling the media establishment to fuck-off and go-it YOUR WAY! I LOVE you!

Go it
My way
I like
That Keith...
And, thank
It only took
l0 years
This last
Month but,
Here we

Help me
Get the
Word out...

Tell every
One with
A brain
In their
Head what's
Right here
Cause, it is happening...

Susan Powter

On 07/30 Chris29 asks:

HEY SUSAN ! I wanted to know if :THE POLITICS OF STUPID: was coming out on CD or as an mp3 download? I hope so cause Im leavin the space open on my IPOD. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND ENCOURAGEMENT!!!!

Only one
Of the reasons
I needed to
Adjust a bit...
You'd think
My book
Would be
It is and soon
It will be
Because I'm
Going to see
It does...
And, everyone
Here at
Will be
The first
To know....

Susan Powter

On 07/29 Fonda asks:

Susan, I would never dreamed I would get to talk to you directly. I did your program back in 1995 lost 80 pounds. Now it’s all back I let myself go with my marriage. I have fribromyalgia. It’s really painful to move alot. Any idea’s?HELP!!!!!!

Yes, oxygen is
A must
Not just
Out of nowhere
Chronic it does
Not have to
Has everything
To do with
It, have a look
At anything
Other than
The ama's trap...

Treat your body
With real healing...

And, yes you
Can and always
Will be able to
Talk directly
What I've worked
Over l0 years
To be able
To do....

And, you can...

Susan Powter

On 07/27 Lisa asks:

HI Susan,
I was in Provincetown Ma, the other night (July 26) I think I passed you on Commercial St. I grew up in P-town go back every chance I can. I think you are a great inspiration and motivator for so many.


How lovely
As was
The week

Next time
We are
In such
A beautiful
Place, say
And, thank
It's the
Truth, always
Was, always
Will be...

Susan Powter

On 07/25 Heather asks:


When are you coming back???

It was SO awesome taking yoga with you on the Rosie cruise!  You are fierce.  What I really got from it was to move with conviction and to be in your own body.  Thank you!

Right now
And, yes
We had
Fun didn't

Susan Powter

On 07/24 Meranda asks:

Can’t be motivated when everyone tells me I need to be. Thought it would sound better from someone who doesnt know me. Glad you are who you are, help me becaome someone I almost dread becoming…

No need
To dread
It's not
That everyone
Should dread
Believe me
What I've
Seen in this
World during
The last
Two months
Cements in
How lovely
A lovely
Lifestyle is...

Know you
Or not
All the
You'll ever
Need is...

Scroll down
Watch the
Blog, it's
The truth...

Susan Powter

On 07/02 Trish asks:

I want to tell you that you make my day!! I would love to see a video of Susan Powter behind the wheel!!Your comments of drivers are truly a comedy show in it self…Thanks for all you do for us.

You are
More than
Thank you
For seeing
The comedy
Some don't
But, those
Who do...
Thrill me

Susan Powter

On 07/02 Kelly Sprague asks:

Dear Susan, I read you books about 10 years ago (at 205 lbs)  and I lost the weight.  My mother died in Dec. of 2007 and I gained 30 lbs while she was sick and after I lost her. Now I am back to a healthy, low fat lifestyle and feel great!  Thank you

A well daughter...
Honor the

Back to..

Susan Powter

On 07/02 Lynn asks:

Hello Susan,

I live in Canada, I’m trying to order your DVDs..the pop up says no delivery to Canada yet….any suggestions??

Oh, more
Than suggestions
Products that
Can't be
In this day
And age..
Only one
Of the things
That I have
A few suggestions
About lately...

Apologies, although
I'm not the one
Who should be

I'd walk them
To your door
If I could...
Till then
I have to rely
On men and
We all know
How that
Turns out...

Susan Powter

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