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Updated on 6/8/08

On 07/02 Heather asks:

I’m going on my first ever Rosie Cruise and can’t wait to take your classes!  Question.  I’ve gotten good with bringing food when working out of town, but since food is included as part of the cruise…what should I bring to supplement it?

No need
Not on
That boat
All the fresh
Food you
Could ever
Want and
Can't wait
To have
You in class...

Come a few
Minutes early
We'll talk and..
The rest
Is simply one
Of the best
Weeks of
Your life...

Susan Powter

On 07/01 modie asks:

hi susan,
i am 45, obese,depressed and stuck in a horrible marraige..i feel like its too late for me…desperate to live again

Yes, live
Again and
It's not
What it
Feels like
It is..
First you
Can and must
Eat, breathe
And move
Then, you think
You, living your
Life and, it starts
In the same
Place for Us
All, today
You, higher

Susan Powter

On 07/01 Tina asks:

Never thought I had an issue with dairy but gave it up for a week- breathing better than I ever have in my LIFE! Neti pot and no dairy- fewer migraines, sleep better, BREATHE better.  Wish others would try for just a few days-could change everything

Yes change
Much more
Than most
Could imagine

Stunning it
Is, when poison
Is eliminated..


Susan Powter

On 06/30 Terri DelCampo asks:

Hi Susan,
I’m a pharmacy tech, & writer.  I’m working on articles that I doubt conventional magazines will buy because I’ll probably offend their sponsors, God forbid I’m telling some truths.  Any ideas how I can get my stuff into print? Thanks!

Early to bed
Early to rise
Work like
Hell and

Ted Turner...

Susan Powter

On 06/30 gail asks:

Susan , are you writing another book? If you are How WONDERFUL. Can not wait to read it.

Yes, I am
And thank
You, it's
One of
The most
Because well,
The title
Says it
All, Mothering
Menopause and

Susan Powter

On 06/30 Tracey Elliott asks:

Dear Susan, I have your book “let’s eat”. I am from Canada and don’t have a clue what Spikes seasoning is? Please help me?

Not to worry
It's any great
Seasoning you
Like, years ago
Only one example
Of spices....
That one thing
Doesn't affect
Much, let a lone

Susan Powter

On 06/29 Ingrid asks:

Hello Susan. You look great.I need your help. About to be 42 and weight 320. I’m single mom of 7 yr old, work fulltime and caregiver for mom with Alzheimers. No me time at all. How can I start to lose. I feel so lost and overwhelmed.What can I do?

Of course
You do
You are,
Millions of
Women doing
More than
Humanly possible...
It's real, first
Know that
And then
Remember (always)
30 minutes in
Oxygen gives
You, everything
Real food
Fuels you
Lean muscle
Mass holds
You up to
Do all you
Are doing...
It's real
And the
Only way
Bit by bit
Every day
30 minutes
Every choice
For you
So they all
Have you...

Susan Powter

On 06/29 Karen asks:

\i just recently started exercise class once a week and got motivated I went to purchase the moving with susan video was hoping on dvd but not avail..what workout set do you recommend because by vhs tape is old and fuzzy.

The very best
My Lifestyle Exchange
Program, truly
One hell of
A complete
All fitness levels
Work towards
Whatever fitness
Level you want
And, after
l0 hard years
It's all, right
Here at

Susan Powter

On 06/29 Lindy Fury asks:

Susan: You appeared to me out of nowhere in my sleep a week ago, saying “You gotta eat, breathe and move!” Had no idea you were back!  Bought the book, cried, telling everyone, THANK YOU for coming to help me—you must have heard my prayers!!!!!

How lovely

I'm thrilled
I appeared...

It's the
Truth, always
Was, always
Will be and
It's amazing
To know
You know...

Thank you and
Thrilled you
Loved the book
Cause, so do I...

Tell the world
I need your
Energy to let
Em all know...

Susan Powter

On 06/28 sandy asks:

Susan, let me say I Love Loveyou..your energy, your humor..your just the bomb girl! My ? is..I am 48, weigh 109..and I have trouble putting on weight, have lost alot of muscle tone the last few years..I want to gain mass in upper body, tone everywher

Yes, you should
Now, more than
Ever and you
Can, build it
Metabolically the
Most active tissue
In our body...

And, thank you
How lovely....

Susan Powter

On 06/27 Susan R asks:

Hi Susan! When do you come to Halifax Nova Scotia? I live 2 hours away in Digby, would love to come and meet you. It would be my dream! Love ya.
Susan R from Nova Scotia

I'd love to
Come to
Beautiful Nova Scotia
And absolutely
Will, meantime
I'm here, always
Dreams must
Come true...

Susan Powter

On 06/27 Mary Gachet asks:

Hello, first off I love you and I think you are FANTASTIC!!! I currently weigh 289 lbs, can I realistic tone up after losing alot of weight??

What is
Very real
Is how
The human
Body can
When given
The most
Basic things..
Eat, breathe
Move and
Think being
The best
You can

Yes, more
Real than
Most could
Till now,
Of course...

Susan Powter

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