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Updated on 6/8/08

On 06/26 Damien asks:

You must be terribly busy!

Busy with
Down, the
Most annoying
Kind of busy...

Susan Powter

On 06/26 J asks:

I’ll be on the rfamily cruise. I’m extremely overweight - 280; 5’4” - & don’t really move. Is your class on the ship a good place to start? I need to start & don’t know how.

Oh, it's
The very
Best, all
Fitness levels
The most
Class, people
Cruise, experience
All around....
Yes, and
You must
Let me
Know it's
You, from
Then you
Change your
Life forever
On Rfamily and,
You will..

Looking forward

Susan Powter

On 06/26 SHARON asks:

I can’t find where to sign up for your newsletter. I love the info you provide & feel like a bone-head because I have scoured your entire website for it to no avail. HELP! gulp  red face

I've heard
That a couple
Of times...
Interesting cause
It's on the
Front page
Middle, what
Looks like
A bad wax
Newsletter, The
Lean Zine..

Have a look
And, let me
Know if you
Can't find it
Cause it's
Worth finding...

Susan Powter

On 06/25 Lynne Bovill asks:

Have you considered putting out another infomercial? I have read what seems like hundreds of requests for copies of your infomercials from years back. I myself included! Can it be done without the boys in the suits?? Of course it can!

It just
May have
To at
This point...
And, yes
I will...

Susan Powter

On 06/24 luvingSP asks:

HEY SUSAN!! OMG-YOU ROCK BAAABY!! i am a 34 year old momma looking at you, this 50 year old rockstar…just livin’ life to the fullest…looking hot,sexy & intelligent….inspiring,inspiring!! keep it comin’ mommacita!!!

Luving, your
Energy, your
Momma 34
Attitude, an
Honor, as
I honor the
Who made
It, unmedicated
Alive, strong
Enough to
Stand and
The only
Hope We
Thank you

So glad
Are here...

Susan Powter

On 06/22 Marnie asks:

Hi Susan, a question for you…. Sunblock… should I put it on my kids and if yes, are there any or a substitute you recommend?
THank you

Oh, you must go
Such natural
Sunblock recipes....
And, the sun
Has not
Changed, it's
The hole in
Our atmosphere
That has changed
Everything, forever...
So, yes only
One of the many
Precautions we
All have to
Take, thanks

Susan Powter

On 06/22 Debra asks:

What does this mean? Are you going to do live exercise routines?

No need
To ever
Go back
That far
When it’s
All right
Here, live
And so

Susan Powte

Yes, like
Cooking, I've
Been doing
Nothing but
Trying to
Get live
Exercise is
Coming if
It's the
Last thing
I do...

Susan Powter

On 06/22 Martin asks:

I am now alcohol free thanks to YOU, your book and nutritional therapy. My sister ordered the book and is doing it also. I could not have done it without you! Not a ? just THANK YOU,THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Oh, one
Of the
Things I
Could hear....
A physical
Disease, physically...
As are the
Very few
People telling
The truth about
The physical
So many suffer
Thrilled for
You, thrilled
For everyone
Who is Sober
And staying
That way....

Susan Powter

On 06/22 Becky asks:

That is all I can say.
Thrilled I received the Yoga dvd’s today!
Thanks so much for making these dvd’s.

Thank you
Truly, you
Have no
Idea what
It took
To get
Them done
And available...
Your thrilled
Makes it all
Worth the while...


Susan Powter

On 06/22 Ford asks:

Dear Susan,
I am a great fan of yours and for many years I’ve enjoyed your excerise tape “MOVING”. Unfortunately, my vhs tape broke last week. How can I purchase another copy? I do not see it on your website. Thank You

No need
To ever
Go back
That far
When it's
All right
Here, live
And so

Susan Powter

On 06/22 Brenda Pedersen asks:

Hi Susan, I’ve just discovered you, I’m 54 living in Denmark, I need to loose a least 15k but can’t get my head around it..have tried EVERYTHING..rock bottom just now..but I still need to fight back
and find me..I’m really very normal.
Tak Brenda

No fighting
Loving is
What will
Change everything
You loving
Your body
Enough to
Give it
Real food
You loving
Your body
Enough to
Get oxygen
Into it...
The actions
Of love, it's
A verb
You know...
The actions
Of eat, breathe
Move and think
Very, very
Them, you'll

Susan Powter

On 06/21 Melissa Santos asks:

kissI don’t really have a question, but I wanted to thankyou from the bottom of my 120 pd. 5 ft. 4 in heart. Your Stop the insanity boxset changed my life forever. Thanks for being a great role model and mentor. Melissa

How absolutely
Lovely, thank

Some days
Some weeks
It's vital
To know
The truth
About wellness
Out there
Means something...

Thank you...
And, always
Help me
Get the word
Out, tell
Every thinking
Person you
Know what's
Happening here...

Susan Powter

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