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Updated on 6/8/08

On 06/21 Phyllis asks:

You look awesome. I had a tape of yours years ago- loved it . Susan - I am over weight and not happy with that- I am 47 and I want to change the way i eat and look. Is there a way i can order your video by moneyorder. I need you and them

I'm sure
If there
Isn't the
Info you
Need on
The site
The tech
And let
Them know
What you
Thrilled you
Are here..

Susan Powter

On 06/21 yolanda asks:

Susan-Sorry to hear about your back. Mine is out as we speak!I fell from the purer faith and followed Atkins, but now am back, lo-fat, whole food! Why did I stray? Where was my brain? Anyway-glad you’re back!

Ahhh, the
High protein
Boys and
That whole
Were infected
But, not
To worry
The truth
About wellness
Is, the truth
About wellness
Now, you
Solve the
Of overfat
And unfit

And, thank
You glad
To be back..

Susan Powter

On 06/21 Kelly asks:

I LOVE you Susan! Just today I dug through my garage to find my old workout vidoes and sweated my butt off to “Burn Fat and Get Fit”.  I decided to look you up and found your wonderful site.  Out of space to ask my question so I’ll post again.

So thrilled
You googled...
It's the
Reason I'm
Doing what
I do, you
Found me
And, look
At us!!

Brilliant, love

Susan Powter

On 06/21 Kirstin asks:


You are amazing! I’ve lost 100 lbs. I’ve been stuck for a few years. I need to lose another 10-15 pounds of fat. For the last 3 weeks I’ve been doing 6-7x cardio and 3x weight training. I eat between 1450-1550 per day. Still stuck! HELP!

So, not enough
Daily caloric
It out on
The eat page
Much more
Fuel and
Higher quality
Lean muscle
Mass, it
Can't be
Said enough
Build it..
You'll see

Susan Powter

On 06/21 Jodie asks:

When will you be coming to Jacksonville Florida?

Not sure
But, I'm
Here now
Right here
Always, the
Only reason
I came
To work
This medium...

And, when
I'm in the
Area, you'll
Be the first
To know...

Susan Powter

On 06/20 Sam asks:

Love how you look at 50.  I almost 49, 6’3, 218. How would you advise an older guy to get down to my goal of your plan/approach any different for guys? Seems like it would be pretty much the same. Thanks.

You couldn't
Be more
Is the exact
Same for
All human
Eat, breathe
Move and
Think your
Way back
To a life
Of energy
And strength...

Susan Powter

On 06/20 Ree Tucker asks:

Perimenopause has put some hormonal fat around my middle. I’ve worked out for 25 years, but this is really different. Added shorter, more intense cardio. Seen a bit of change. Have you heard of Tabata intervals? 2:1 exertion/rest ratio? 20sec:10sec

Training is
For more
Than one
And, yes
It is
And nothing
It like
Lean muscle
Mass, Perimenopausal
The most
Important time
To build it...
And, interval
Train with
Totally different
Jog it, pardon
The pun...
Add to it
And, build

Susan Powter

On 06/20 Susan asks:

Darling…I know all about lower back pain..and what you’re feeling right now.  One word..Chiropractor! Find a good one..many “wannabe’s” out there. your body is out of need an adjustment.

Yes, I adjusted
Well and
My brilliant
Back bounced
Back, again...
Stunning, this
Human body
We live in

Thank you

Susan Powter

On 06/18 Dermot O'Connor asks:

More of a comment than a question….

Remember googling you a couple of years ago to see what you were up to….looked quiet

Great to see you back again and looking sexier than ever!  You rock!

Been gone
l0 years
Raising the
Last loin
Of my loins
And now, it's
Time to get
Back to work
Wellness does..

And, thank you
I feel better
Than ever...

Susan Powter

On 06/17 countrychick asks:

We need a new cookbook susan.  I have worn out the pages of the old ones and would love new ones with Whole, Real Food Ideas.
You inspire me lady!

Thank you
And, consider
It being done
And, the new
And improved
Blog cooking
Is real...
More live
More food
More life
Info, yes..

Susan Powter

On 06/17 Saoirse asks:

big surprise Hi!I am early 50’s have unstable hypertension..with meds, out of breath doing anything have 5 stone to lose, I fell ancient and as if life is passing me by, please tell me the best way forward which dvd/book.Will it take long for improvment.

Ancient, beautifully
Said and simply
Taken care
Build oxygen
Build lean
Muscle, now
Eat really
Really high
Quality foods
To give you
The energy
You need
To heal
You can...
We are
The very
Best at
This age,
Literally energy
And strength
Will be
Yours again
If you
Demand it
In your life
And, do a
Few simple
Things today

Susan Powter

On 06/17 Nancy asks:

Hi Susan!
I’m a gastric bypass *survivor*.  I went from 307 to now, 180.  It simply has STOPPED.  For two years I’ve been at this weight.  HELP! I have done all one can physically do to lose and now I end up still FAT??  HELPPPPP!

Yes, survivor
And now
You must
More than
You must
Build (a
Whole lot of)
Lean muscle
Never more
So than
After their

The most
Active tissue
Exactly what
You need
And keep
Speaking exactly
What everyone
The surgery

Susan Powter

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