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Updated on 6/8/08

On 12/23 Maureen asks:

Hi Susan….....What can you suggest for toning the abs? Enjoy work on a stability ball but need some other ideas.
By the way….....LOVING the Barleans coconut oil, thanks 4 the tip. You are a superb inspiration to wellness.

Thank you,
Love that

Burn the fat
From your belly
While you...

No ball needed
Correct sit ups
Just your body...

Lift from the lifted
Press to the lifted

Internal movement

We'll be doing sit ups
And some..

Susan Powter

On 12/23 lynda asks:

susan!  you are FANTASTIC!  thank GOD i found this site!  i need you, am 45, 170 pounds and it’s time to move.  i live in Seattle and it’s EASY to become chubby and lazy here (2 much rain).  rumor saiz you live here?  true?

In Seattle!
You must
Come workout
With Us....
The most Amazing
Right here..
E-mail where
I'll get info
Sent to you..
And, on the site
Everything always..

Susan Powter

On 12/23 Paz asks:

First time on your blog…484 lbs and losing…herniated disc in my back and constant pain…how do i exercise when walking causes pain?  ideas on where to start?  THANKS!

Yes...non impact
Sitting in a chair
Building lean muscle mass
Water aerobic
Everything that causes no impact
Move you must
And help your back
By burning fat

Susan Powter

On 12/23 Melissa asks:

I will be 28 in Feb. I am at 275lb, after having my son I gained weight and I looked at my self today, and I don’t even know how I got to this point. I want to change my life. any tips on the first thing i need to do? oh HAPPY B-DAY

Millions of Women

And, yes
The first thing
Is four things

Eat, breathe, move and think
Day by day..
Better and better
More and more...
28, oh what you can do
With 28..

Susan Powter

On 12/23 Lisa asks:

I LOVED the exercise videos you did in the 90s.  Do you have plans to do any new ones (step, yoga, treadmill, etc.)?  It’s great to have you back! grin

It's great
To be

Thank you and,


All of it
Right here

Susan Powter

On 12/22 Sandy Munson asks:

I own the video called “Moving”. It is the only basic step aerobic video I can follow. It it on it’s last leg. Where can I get another one?

From me
Cause we'll be
No need to
Go back
Actual Reality...

Susan Powter

On 12/22 dawn asks:

happy birthday.  thank you for all that you continue to give us.


You are
More than

And, thank you
It's one hell
Of a Birth

Susan Powter

On 12/21 ron asks:

Hi…name one cook book that you can start with and please i hope the food in it doesn’t taste like CRAP…thanks

Mine, of course
All posted right here...


All of it
Everything Dr. John McDougal

There's tons
Of info
Available to you...

I'm just gonna
Make it live..

Day by day

Susan Powter

On 12/21 Brian asks:

Hey Susan - when do we get to see the results of that New York photoshoot??  When and where?  Looking forward to WHATEVER it is you have planned…

My first
Behind the scenes...

Posting tonight
Bit by Bit..

Oh, what a biz trip..
You know who's gonna see it all...

Susan Powter

On 12/21 Miriam asks:

How can I help my friend she is obese and I want to help her but I don’t know how?
She is 42 recently divorced, ...
she blames her self for everything any ideas would help thanks

You can't...
Only she can help

But you
Can, easily, be
A living example
Of looking
Feeling better..

A visual so
When she is ready...

Susan Powter

On 12/21 Em asks:

I’m afraid of the thinner me. The fat detracts the hungry stares that followed me from puberty. I am trapped in this fat cell with the door hanging wide open, holding the key, too terrified of the world outside to move.

Stares that
Followed me...

Beautifully said

Yes, horror

We know but...
Hiding is not
The way

Living is...

It is terrifying

Living well
Makes it far less..

Susan Powter

On 12/21 Kathleen Zarubin asks:

4. Thank you doesn‚Äôt seem enough but thank you is all I have for now.  BUT I suspect that another ‚Äònew life story‚Äô is in the making!!

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