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Updated on 6/8/08

On 12/21 Julia asks:

I need to lose 150 lbs.  I’m in a lot of pain (back & feet).  Should I diet first & then try to workout?  I have 2 b careful not to injure myself because I have a toddler.  But I want 2 get healthy for her 2.  Any ideas? 

For you..

The most loving
Thing you can do
For her...

Diet, never

Workout yes
Fat burning
Muscle increasing...

Learn and,
Do it...

Susan Powter

On 12/21 Kerry asks:

Hey Susan
I started a gruelling boot camp two months ago and I loved every minute of it - and I lost 12 pounds. The problem is, my knee gave out and for the last week and a half I haven’t been allowed to exercise. Will I lose all my fitness soon?

No, no...
You won't lose it
If you keep
Using it...

No need to gruel
Your knee out...

Upper body train, now
Cardio, non impact...

Modify for your knee
Then heal it..

Susan Powter

On 12/21 Robyn asks:

I am so glad to have discovered you all over again!!  Followed your routine years ago then got lazy, gained weight, just diagnosed with diabetes!!!...BUT…have lost 35 lbs on my way to healthy again.
hope to meet you on the cruise in March?

The cruise!
More than see me
We'll workout together...

Oh, when that boat floats...

If you
Are there
You'll meet me
Because I'm there...

Susan Powter

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