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C’mon America, Let’s Eat!: Susan’s Favorite Low-fat Recipes to Fit Your Lifestyle By Susan Powter
03/09/2016 | by Susan Powter
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  Publisher: Fireside / Simon & Schuster (1996)
  Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 8 x 0.5 inches
  Shipping Weight: 1.1 pounds

Hey, Susan:

These are the questions that Susan answers here with fast, delicious, low-fat, great-tasting, all-American recipes.

“C’mon America, Let’s Eat!” is Susan’s solution to your questions about lower-fat living. Here are more than 150 fabulous-tasting, wholesome, and healthy all-American food favorites that everyone will love, from burgers, pizzas, and fries to apple pie and chocolate sauce….

Easy menu planning and great suggestions from Susan make your meals
great tasting
fun for the kids
perfectly romantic
fancy schmancy
and a leftovers lover’s dream….

This book is essential for your kitchen. For you, the kids, and that meat-and-potatoes guy, Susan says…“C’mon America, Let’s Eat!”


Just 3 words - GET THIS BOOK
No skimping, starving, or tasteless food in this book. It’s packed with healthy, great tasting recipes that will truly make you forget you’re eating low fat—until you step on the scale and see it go down, down, down. Eat lasagna and cheesecake for dinner, snack on cookies, have some waffles for breakfast, maybe a big hearty sandwich for lunch. Believe me, NOTHING compares to these foods. The book has been a Godsend. If you want to lose weight, gain strength, and feel healthy, GET THIS BOOK.

I just purchased my second copy of this book. I lent it to a friend and now I can’t get it back!! The recipes in this book are delicious, easy, and will appeal to the entire family. This is the type of cookbook that you can actually use every day—not just for one or two recipes. Also, Susan teaches you how to cut out a lot of fat from your own recipes. I now use fat free chicken broth all the time. A definite must have for anyone who is watching their weight or who wants to cut out fat without cutting out flavor.

I recently started on SP Give Me Five program and wanted to find more information on whole foods. I went to the library and checked out this book. WOW! doesn’t do it justice. I read the entire book on an 8 hour drive and was totally amazed at all the extremely Lo-Fat meals. Things even my children would even eat. I can’t wait to buy this book for myself and through out all the high fat, dust collecting, cookbooks in my cabinets. I have been eating low fat for two weeks and walking almost every night and I already FEEL I MEAN REALLY, FEEL BETTER. I can even get my jean shorts on. It’s not just another diet, it’s not just another fad, It’s real healthy whole food eating that works at making you feel better inside to out. Thank you Susan for getting the information out there for us. I LOVE this book!

A Great Book. Healthy American food. Go figure.
I love these recipes. Although my sister claims that she hated the veggie lasagna, I thought it was a slice of heaven. I’ve turned my house upside down looking for my copy… and I think my sister has it but doesn’t want to admit that she likes this “healthy” stuff! Powter’s recipes have been tried on many “real” people who expected “real” (eg greasy) food. If they didn’t like it, she modified the recipe until they did. There’s a great-tasting recipe for a chocolate raspberry smoothie (fat free… with REAL raspberries!). Great for the summer… or anytime! This is American fare at its best, and spiral bound so that it rests open to the page you want. I would have given it a 10, except for my sister’s reaction to that wonderful lasagna!

Best cookbook I have ever tried
What can I say. I am not a very good cook. In fact I burn water. When I tried this cookbook I found not only were the recipes easy to follow, but they resulting meal did look like the picture. It’s the only cookbook I use now and I have lost weight using it (I don’t exercise either). One of the best recipies is the creamy cauliflower - but if you don’t like cauliflower I use broccoli, corn, carrot, green beans or all mixed and it is the best and only way I will eat my vegges from now on. If you like rice and kidney beans my favourite recipe is Mexican Rice cassarole - to die for. Best part about this is I can cook and no longer burn water.

My Gosh Finally A Good Cookbook!!
If I could meet Susan Powter I would tell her she made one helluva low-fat cookbook!! After being scamed by the low-carb lies I decided to do research and came upon Susan Powters books. Finally some common sense. These recipes along with a juiceman juicer make loseing weight easy. Ladies and Gentlemen as you see here many times the Lemon Cheesecake is to die for!! Real foods, fresh juices, and healthy recipes is the way to lose weight. Thanks Susan for the great book!!

Great recipes you can fool others into low fat eating with
I bought this book because I’m trying to go as low fat as possible, and the stuff in here is fabulous! There’s something for everyone, and if anyone in your house turns up thier nose at “low fat”, just don’t tell them—they won’t know the difference! My roommate (one of those hated people with a speed of light metabolism)loved the corn and potato chowder when I made it. When we make it now, we throw everything into a crockpot before school and it’s ready when classes are over. Just have the stuff cut up and blended the night before, or keep it frozen and in tupperware. Just take it out, thaw it, throw it in the pot and supper’s waiting when you get home.

A Variation of a recipe in Lets Eat
I had company for the weekend and my menus were all low fat dishes. Not one guest could tell they were eating low fat food. I was asked for the recipes and gave them to my friends they were shocked. The biggest hit was Chicken with Mushroom and Pata dish on page 86 of the book. I used fat free evaporated milk rather than 1% skim evaporated milk, and the dish was delicious. The cheese cake was a hit as well. All commented on how they felt satisfied but did not feel full after eating good size helpings. The book is great and I use it every day.

Never feel deprived while losing weight and getting healthy
This book has the most fabulous recipies!! I made the Cream of Potato soup for the annual Cub Scout banquet. Everyone commented on how delicious it was. Out of two HUGE pots I made there was only about one serving left over. I have not had a chance to try many of the recipies but have loved the ones I have tried. The Chop Suey/Chow Mein is the best ever! Susan is a genius!!! “Traditional” food with out the traditional fat is the greatest idea. A very practical and usable way to change your lifestyle (cutting back on fats to increase health and lose weight)with out sacrficing the foods and tastes we all love.


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